We offer classes for students of varying skills and backgrounds to learn how to make functional objects out of clay from start to finish.

You can start your eight-week class anytime. Each "class" consists of one three-hour block of time per week and includes unlimited access to the studio. 

We know you're busy, and so there's no pressure to finish your eight-week class in exactly eight weeks. You can learn at your own pace and convenience, but we do recommend completing an eight-week class within twelve weeks. 

You might surprise yourself with how quickly you'll progress from throwing simple cylinders to creating mugs and vases. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to create dozens of pieces that just might outlast our civilization.  


The price for an eight-week class is $200.

Included supplies and materials:

  • A twenty-five-pound bag of clay (this is usually enough, but we'll sell it to you cheap if you run out)

  • Use of studio tools and equipment

  • Access to and personal instruction on high-quality throwing wheels

  • All glazing and firing included

  • Plenty of free studio time to work on your skills


If you are interested in classes, give us a call, stop by our studio, or send us an email.